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Value Added Services for


your Wi Fi Access Network

A powerful combination: user authentication, data analytics and user targeted communications.

Sponsored Wi-Fi Access: an opportunity to provide a service that is valued by users, while obtaining data, understanding their behaviour and communicating effectively with them.

Easy configuration and deployment of Captive Portals, Communication Campaigns, Notifications, Ads and Surveys allow you to implement your communication strategy in minutes.

Analyse the behaviour of your customers with no need to be a technical expert!


Callis Technologies provides a platform that allows you to leverage your Wi Fi infrastructure, unleashing its multiple possibilities.

Available as a cloud-based service or as an on-premise deployment, all existing or new networks can benefit from the Callis platform's advanced features.

Powerful, yet simple to use: from a single store or restaurant, to an extensive ISP or Government public network, you will find a business-driven or a social interest use case.


A complete cycle to target your customers by sponsoring free Wi-Fi access.

At the time of login

Obtain user data, using the most appropriate authentication method: Social Networks, Vouchers, e-mail, Video, WhatsApp, SMS, etc. The customizable portal is the first point of contact with the user.


While using the network

Contact customers through personalized, geo-localized surveys, ads, and notifications.


When the user is out of the network

Automated contact with customers using e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, personalized campaigns, mobile Apps


During the entire customer relationship

Big Data Analytics

Multiple points of contact with your customers to communicate your message effectively

Show the right Captive Portal at the right time and place: personalized communication at the beginning of your relationship with the user.

Surveys, Ads and  Notifications served not only at the time of authentication, but during the entire session: the user will be reached in the most effective way.


Simple but very powerful tools to design portals, notifications, ads and surveys with no need for a technical expert.


Flexibility for experts to harness the full potential of the platform.


Sophisticated tools, yet easy to use 

User behavioral based integrated engine: automatized interactions with your customer with pinpoint accuracy.


Intuitive dashboard and easy-to-understand reports, with real-time and historical information.

Heatmaps and devices tracking.

APIs for communication with existing systems.


About Us

Callis Technologies was founded during 2008 by experienced professionals, with a background providing products and solutions for the largest Internet Service Providers and Telecom Companies. 

 Based on a heavy R&D investment, Callis Technologies is successfully creating innovative products specifically designed to create new business models for the ISPs,  and optimize their network usage.


Interested in experiencing our products and services?

Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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