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Solutions tailored for ISPs

Callis Technologies' solutions are designed considering the ISP’s needs.

As an on-premise platform or as a cloud service, an ISP can use our solutions to:

  • Add value to the network.

  • Resell the network infrastructure to big and small companies or government entities.

  • Give full control of the network resources to the customer admin enhancing the experience while, at the same time, lowering the operational costs to a minimum.

  • Virtualize the network infrastructure, optimizing the assets.


Our Products:


Callis Service Manager

  • Advanced Policy Server for convergent access networks.

  • Intelligent bandwidth assignment on congestion periods.

Callis Access Manager for Service Provider Wi Fi

  • User authentication, QoS and social metadata capture

  • Community service, Wi Fi roaming and mobile network offload.

Callis Service Enforcement Platform

  • Traffic Classification, Redirection and Enforcement.

  • Network URL categorization and reputation. Metadata Extraction.

Callis Network Ad Insertion Platform

  • Customized Ads and Surveys, managed by the ISP

  • Transparent Ad Insertion based on Subscriber Metadata, Location, etc.

Callis Network Analytics Platform

  • High performance logging and advanced reports using network and social metadata extraction and classification.

  • Video QoE reports.


Contact us today and let’s explore the opportunities.

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